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Our technicians have training in all areas of commercial pool operation. We can make sure you’re compliant with all the current regulations as well as being on top of any regulation changes. We use the same testing equipment that is used by local councils and Health Authority inspectors so you can be assured of your complex will be compliant when random inspections are performed, therefore preventing costly closures to your pool.

Say hello to our newest member – the Dolphin M700.

September, 2021

Just plug it in, turn it on and stay connected through the MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app with minimum effort – This market – leading Dolphin has it all:

  • Powerful performance
  • Water temperature sensor
  • 5-stage LED filter indicator
  • Pick up mode

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FREE DEMO! Dolphin Robotic Pool

August, 2021


  1. Allows the skimmer to skim properly
  2. Enables you to operate an energy efficient pump, therefore saving more money
  3. There is an independent debris collection system, which minimises the need for backwashing
  4. 3 year warranty on ALL parts
  5. No noise produced from the cleaner
  6. Superior coverage and will not get stuck
  7. Eliminates the idea of always having a cleaner in the pool
  8. Filters the pool water independently
  9. Full capability to brush and scrub the pool
  10. Range of filter pads available, resulting in the best clean possible

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Other News

We’re about to make a huge splash

Arriving in a local Elite Dealer store soon: Our new exceptional limited-edition Dolphin M700 with bonus exclusive benefits. This 10-year anniversary Dolphin leads the way in exceptional smart pool cleaning.

Contact your local dealer today to pre-order! While stocks last.

M600 Dolphin robotic pool cleaner

Elevate your pool cleaning experience with the M600 Dolphin robotic pool cleaner.

Powerfully built to never miss a

Robotic pool cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners work independently from your filter and pump – giving you a more energy-efficient clean.

The Dolphin range of pool cleaners systematically cleans your pool – giving a superior cleaning coverage compared to alternative pool cleaners!

Ask us today about upgrading to a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner!

FREE DEMO! Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners

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Winter Box
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Did you know a green pol can cost in excess of $500? Stop your pool going green…

Swim in a heated pool
all year round!

Saturn Series heat pumps are an affordable and effective way to heat your pool easy installation, remarkably efficient 


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