Pool Inspection

Pool Inspections

You are about to purchase a home with an existing pool and unsure if the pool and equipment are in good order.  Alternatively you are selling want to give peace of mind to the buyers, we can give either a PRE-PURCHASE or PRE SALE inspection report.

While onsite we assess the pool and equipment, ensuring it is operational. On completion we will give you a full inspection report outlining everything that has been checked and highlight if any maintenance or repairs are required.


Pre-Sale Inspection

When selling your home, we complete a thorough PRE-SALE inspection. We will highlight any arising issues, and once approved, we will provide the you and the agent with all the various reports. We will also tag all equipment with approved tags and provide a table talker so on inspection the buyers can see the pool has been approved by Adelaide Pool Patrol


Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you are buying a home and know nothing about pools, how do you know what you are about to buy doesn’t have any upfront issues relating to the pool. You wouldn’t and that is totally normal…at Adelaide Pool Patrol, we can help and give you peace of mind with a full PRE-PURCHASE inspection so you know what you about to dive into.

Benefits of a Full inspection report

  • Peace of mind for the vendor and purchaser
  • Another professional offering to present to vendor
  • Full Inspection report for prospective purchasers
  • Checking a wide range of equipment from pumps, filters, heat pumps, automation, robots and many more…
  • Recommendations for equipment maintenance

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